Information and Recommendations for Breas Medical AB Devices

Published: March 20, 2020

Dear Customer,

The following information and recommendations are intended for Breas Medical AB devices that are used on patients infected or strongly suspected of being infected with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Breas devices can be used with patients with suspected or diagnosed COVID-19 infections.

This document advises on the potential usage of additional anti-bacterial filters with Breas devices to help further protect your patient, as well as your care environment

Suggested guidelines for use of devices are published on  

Put an antibacterial filter at the inspiratory outlet of the device and near to the patient.

  • Try to avoid non-intentional leak.
  • Complete the circuit set-up and connect the patient before you turn the device On.
  • Turn the device Off before disconnecting the patient.
  • If the patient needs help, wear strict protective clothing. (gloves, mask FFP2, protective 
    glasses, over-blouse)

The device air inlet filter has not been validated against providing filtration of any type of pathogens and is intended as a dust/ particle filter only. Guidance from local infection control or equivalent departments and authorities should also be adhered to and these may differ from the guidance from Breas Medical.

If recommendations are not clear, we recommend to:

  • Only use Low Resistance Bacterial filters
  • Replace Filters every 24H
  • Replace filters in between patients
  • Replace filters when visually contaminated

It is ok to double-filter when using our devices and this will not significantly affect the performance of the devices or the treatment being delivered. Please check to ensure that the patient is receiving effective treatment if using different filters.

If using one device on multiple patients, please follow the cleaning procedures outlined in the Operating Manual. Additionally, you can clean the exterior of the device with 70% alcohol wipes or equivalent. This advice is not replacing the Instructions in the Operating Manual of the devices.

Rest assured of our full commitment during this special period. Please do not hesitate to contact our local Breas Medical AB team for further information.

The Breas Product Management and Clinical Team

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