7th European Conference on Weaning and Rehabilitation in Critically Ill Patients

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 09 - 10 November 2019 www.eventex.nl

The European Conference on Weaning & Rehabilitation in Critically Ill Patients is a multidisciplinary conference focusing on weaning and rehabilitation in and after admission to the Intensive Care Unit, and is the annual event of the European ICU Recovery Network.

The ICU RECOVERY NETWORK is an international, multidisciplinary and multiprofessional organization with more than 900 members representing all five continents. It was founded in 2011. ICU Recovery Network includes sub-networks, located in several countries. To date, there are sub-networks in Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Greece and Japan. The website of the network is www.mobilization-network.org.

Airway Clearance
Dr Michelle Chatwin
Patient Ventilator Synchronisation
Dr Jean-Michel Arnal
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